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Seniors Interactive Drumcircle Programs

  • A Truely Dynamic Recreational Program !
  • Many facilities have been benefiting from our service for years.
  • Specialized Equipment !
  • We make it easy and achieveable for all.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Success rate!
  • Fully trained staff.
  • 1000's of seniors drumcircles facilitated over the past 15 years.
  • We work hard to win your business and confidence.
Seniors Drumcircles

We offer you a compassionate and interactive seniors drumcircle program specifically designed for our aging population. Both entertainment and therapy, our drumcircle program is guaranteed to please your residents, families and the supporting staff members.

We have 100% success rate with over 15 years of experience and many happy clients.

Our seniors drumcircle program is hands-on, interactive, supportive entertainment at its best!

Absolutely everyone gets to participate and play their own drum.

Our staff are fully trained and sensitive to the special-needs of seniors drumming.

We have dozens of facilities benefiting from our drumcircle service every month. In most longtermcare facilities we are the MOST popular program they offer both for residents, their families and the supporting staff!

Benefits for Seniors


  • Sensory Stimulating

  • Stress Reduction

  • Physical Exercise

  • Non-verbal Communication

  • Drumming Connects Seniors

  • Builds Longtermcare Community

  • Creates Unity

  • Positive Staff Interactions

  • Encourages Celebration

Elderly man at drum circle program.
Elderly senior man interacting in a drum circle.
Staff Drumcircle Facilitation Training Programs

We offer onsite training modules for you and your staff. Sometimes purchasing equipment and facilitating your own drumcircles has many benefits.


We can teach you the skills necessary to successfully start-up your own program. 


This can be a practical cost savings way to implement drumcircles into your longtermcare facility.


Please contact us for more information. This webpage is currently being work on.

Seniors Drum Packages

Professional grade drums specificaly designed with seniors in mind. Backed by a 100% guarantee. Full packages include drums, beaters and percussion instruments.

Primordial Percussion Seniors Drumcircles Explained In Detail


   Our seniors drum circle programs are 45min. in duration with a 30 minute set-up and teardown period before and after the event. We have found 45 min. to be the prime time due to the intensity of the program. 

   Elderly participants are equipped with wheel chair height drumcircle drums and specialized drumbeaters, the service includes twenty drums and if more residents show up we simply double them up on the bigger drums. All residents get a drumbeater to minimize the risk of personal injury and to insure a more comfortable playing position.

   The facilitator will take care of all the seniors drumcircle set-up procedures and also run the entire event from start to finish. 

All you have to do is book us in and assemble your drumcircle of seniors.  Typically a private room with little or no distractions works better but we can and have facilitated drumcircle programs in all types of areas like hallways, patios and outdoor areas.  The drum circle facilitator will do most of the work standing, with a drum attached to him/herself using a specialized drumstrap.  This allows us to manover around the drumcircle at will and always have a free hand to assist seniors when needed. 

   The participants are gently encouraged to join in with whatever rhythm the facilitator may be playing, this helps breakdown any resistance and provide a warm-up period.  The remainder of the 45min. program is filled with simple drumpatterns, singalongs, solo's and shakerwork.  Approx. 3/4 of the program is group work and the remainder is devoted to one on one.  We feel it is important to pace the seniors in a challenging but managable level so many opportunities are given for a short break if needed. Seniors will roll or walk away with a feeling of success, pleasure and desire for more drumcircles. 

Seniors Drumcircle Explained

Staff Drumcircle Facilitation Training


   A full training program which prepares you to facilitate your own seniors drumming program. Our drumcircle training program focus's on the skills and knowledge you need to confidently and successfully facilitate a drumcircle. This is a cost effective way for facilities to offer seniors drumcircles on a regular basis.

   This training module is covered over six different sessions and has both theoretical and practical lessons.

Drumcircle Equipment


   We understand the special demands of drumming for seniors, all our equiptment is exclusively designed for seniors needs. Floor model drums, erogonomic drumsticks, lightweight shakers, all this combined makes the drumming experience more available and enjoyable to our elderly participants.

   Another unique fetaure we offer is high density skins on all of our drums, this allows the participants to hammer away if they must, without causing expensive repairs to your budget.

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