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drumcircle facilitator man playing african drum in a drumcircle


  • Sensory Stimulating

  • Stress Reduction

  • Physical Exercise

  • Non-verbal Communication

  • Drumming Connects Seniors

  • Builds Longtermcare Community

  • Creates Unity

  • Positive Staff Interactions

  • Encourages Celebration

Benefits for Seniors
Childrens Drumcircle

We offer you a compassionate and interactive seniors drumcircle program specifically designed for our aging population. Both entertainment and therapy, our drumcircle program is guaranteed to please your residents, families and the supporting staff members.

We have 100% success rate with over 15 years of experience and many happy clients.

Our seniors drumcircle program is hands-on, interactive, supportive entertainment at its best!

Absolutely everyone gets to participate and play their own drum.

Our staff are fully trained and sensitive to the special-needs of seniors drumming.

We have dozens of facilities benefiting from our drumcircle service every month. In most longtermcare facilities we are the MOST popular program they offer both for residents, their families and the supporting staff!

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