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drum circle facilitation

Cliff Patton of Primordial Percussion.

Drum circle products and services company.

Since the late 90's, I have had the opportunity to drum with many people. People from all walks of life and ages, from toddlers and school children in schools and childcare centers, with teens, mom’s and dad’s at community circles, all the way into the later years with seniors at long term care facilities, as old as 108!!! I feel blessed to have had so many opportunities to share in the excitement, the wonder and the complete joy of so many people.


African djembe and drummer
African djembe drum and drummer
drumcircle facilitator playing african drums

The London community drum circles received a positive response from the local community and soon I was finding myself facilitating large groups of people on a weekly basis.

These drumcircles laid the groundwork for me to build up my facilitation skills and gain exposure for the company in both the local and private sectors. It was not long before I started getting calls from schools, nursing homes and various other organizations interested in drum circle programs.

I feel really blessed to have had such an opportunity in my life. It really is a thrill to be able to connect and meet with so many great people while making an income at the same time.

I began this company, Primordial Percussion, in the late 90's as a drum building entrepreneur. I would manufacture little wooden ashiko drums, selling them to local music and gift stores. This later expanded into more sizes and styles of drums. I also got into importing and started selling my handcrafted and imported drums at festivals and craft shows around Ontario. ​

Early on in the drum building years I was introduced to some books on drum circle facilitation. I found this idea fascinating, so I decided this would be an excellent way to market my products in and around the London, Ontario area. Little did I know this would change the dynamics of my company and business plan.

Drum circle facilitation for participants with disabilities. Using African djembe, ashiko and djun drums.
Drum circle interaction and communication.

Drum circles just work really well for bringing people together and help tap into that creative musical space we all have within us. Many people believe or say to me that they have no rhythm. It’s interesting that normally these people tend to be the most excited and impacted by participating in a drum circle. Some of the benefits I have witnessed or experienced participating in drumcircles include;

  • Stress and depression relief

  • Spontaneous bursts of joy and excitement

  • Community connections

  • Better communication skills

  • Increased self-esteem

Cliff Patton drumcircle facilitation.

I am passionate to share the potential of drum circles for healing, educational and entertainment purposes. These days most of my time is spent working with people with various disabilities and illness's.

This About Page is a work in progress, its will be updated and blogged about as time permits. Feel free to contact me with questions and comments. I thank you for visiting this website and look forward to assisting you on your own drum circle journey.

                                 Cliff Patton Sept. 2016

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